Can Your Website Keep Up With Your Business Growth?

Your website is the heart of your business.

Fast growth businesses naturally expertise considerable amendment over a brief amount of your time. A growing company and team encompass a heap of ground to hide. Businesses must make sure the production cycle of their product is all visiting arrange, that the workers are being paid, which their social media presence is robust, among myriad alternative considerations. most significantly, the website – the guts of business – should be up-to-date and interesting. ensuring the website is growing and developing as quick because the business itself and is attractive returning customers is important for fulfillment. formidable businesses should guarantee their customers come back 1st and this suggests the website takes center stage. Driven by AN continually on, continually connected world, shoppers wish 24/7 access to everything online. By establishing an easy to use, effective website, businesses are going to be positioned for fulfillment. making a website that resembles your business, that provides the services your shoppers demand and that scales and develops along with your customers, can facilitate your produce a loyal following to realize growth and stability. What kind of platform ought to growing businesses look to realize this and what ought to this platform provide?

Not broadcasting, but publishing

A crucial aspect of any website is to promote and showcase the great information and content companies have to offer in a personalized way. Today, businesses do not simply want to broadcast random content, but publish engaging, an exciting copy which is appropriate for their audiences. By taking publishing into their own hands, brands can build direct relationships with customers. For expanding businesses, who may not be able to employ huge teams and technical specialists, the website needs to be built on a simple CMS platform that can be managed by anyone, regardless of technical ability.

When brands can publish content themselves it ensures a greater diversity of content can be shared, real-time updating of stories and less reliance on one technical individual with the relevant expertise. The ease of use and flexibility of WordPress (rooted in its blogger origins) is driving this ‘brands to publishers’ revolution.


Enterprise Ready

With 26 percent of the web–more than 74 million websites–now operating on WordPress, the days of WordPress being thought of as just a blogging platform are truly over. WordPress is the CMS of choice for some of the world’s biggest brands. Enterprises such as CNN, Tech Crunch, Skype, and UPS use the platform, making it clear that WordPress provides an enterprise-grade service.

With thousands of plugins available to support with security, e-commerce, SEO and many other features and functions, it has never been simpler to create an enterprise-grade or enterprise-ready site. With this in mind, WordPress is an appropriate CMS for the early days of a business, through to when the site gets hundreds of thousands of visitors a week.

For most companies, the website is the most important extension of the business as a whole, and for others, the website is the entire business. Through making it secure, making it personal and making it work 24/7, businesses of all sizes have a great way to connect with customers and develop brand loyalty, while increasing sales.

Fabio Torlini is the managing director, EMEA of WP Engine.



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