Start an Online Business in Nepal

How To Start an Online Business in Nepal

With the advancement in technology, online entrepreneurship is the leading way to get success in the business sector. For instance, online business is the key to unlocking online entrepreneurship. That being said, we have analyzed the possible outcome on how to start an online business in Nepal. Nepal is a developing country where the consumers aren’t satisfied with the offline market. You can start an eCommerce business from scratch.

In the context of Nepal, you can easily start an online business as your side business and keep doing the primary business. Here are some ideas to start an online business in Nepal:

1. Analysis of the Online Business Plan

To commence the business you need to invest your capital. Before investing you should do research on which product you should invest in. The major part of the business is to find out the ideal product to invest in. Understand your market and its demand. The lower the price of a product, the more its demand. However, choose the product which is necessarily good and the price is constant.

2. Give a Name to Your Online Business

Branding plays a vital role in the market. If your shop has a unique and catchy name, there is a chance of increasing the number of customers. For example, Amazon products are genuine because they provide the best service to the customers. If amazon starts its subsidiary, people will trust that newly started department due to Amazon’s trust.

Find a unique name that suits your business. If you run out of naming ideas, there are a lot of business name generators that will certainly help with your particular business niche branding.

3. Register Your Business

After finalizing the product and brand name, you should register your business. To register your e-commerce store, you should have domain, hosting, and government approval. The domain and hosting cost around NRS 5000/– and to get government approval, you need to register your business with the local government department to get a tax or pan number.

Afterward, hire a lawyer to make a legal policy for your online store. As per the government policy, an eCommerce business should be registered under TDS and have an official website.

4. Select a Vendor

The stores need supply in order to run the business. However, there are two types of online stores based on vendors i.e single and multi-vendor.

A single vendor is a marketplace where only two entities i.e single seller to multiple customers. There are lower costs on the administrative fees when you are only paying to a single supplier. Whereas multi-vendor consists of 3 entities i.e vendor, customer, and administrator. Multiple sellers sell the product to multiple customers from a single online store. The admin or owner of the online store earns more than a single vendor on a multi-vendor. since there are more suppliers.

If you want to sell your product then go with a single vendor. But if you want to create an online store, then choose a multi-vendor and control the administrative area of the store.

Online Business in nepal

5. Service Plan

There are various services on the e-commerce store. Underlying services should be managed in the store:

  • Choose a payment method.
  • Plan the product delivery methods.
  • Interact with the customers.
  • Fast customer support.
  • Offers and discounts on the products.

6. Build Website

To build a website you need knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP. However, if you are not a web developer then do not worry. There are a lot of tools that build an online store without coding. If you want to create your site within a click, then use Shopify or Woo-commerce. We recommend hiring a web developer to build an online store for yourself.

7. Optimize SEO

SEO is a key factor in running an online business. Simply put, SEO means improving website search results over the internet. SEO will increase the online store’s revenue. For instance, if a customer searches for a laptop on google, he will be on the first result. If your site appears on the first page of the search result, the maximum number of visitors will come to your site.

Problem with Online Business in Nepal

The major issue with online stores in Nepal is the price, product, and delivery period. Most of the stores increase prices during offers and festivals. The product is not genuine, and it takes more than a month to get delivered. You can use these problems as a strategy by giving better prices and selling good products. However, the total productivity rate increases when there is no delay in delivery.


The total estimated revenue from e-commerce in Nepal is around 25 million USD. There is less competition in the online business in Nepal. Following these strategies can help to commence and run an online business in Nepal.

Note: If you really want to start your online business and are looking for a developer to develop a platform for you? Then Contact us and we will provide you with the best service.

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